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Are you looking to downsize the amount of stuff you carry around with you? Would you like to commit to carrying just the essentials? Beltaway has the perfect carry pouch to make that goal a reality: the Beltaway carry all pouch is a great option when you’re looking to carry just a few items that you consider essentials.

  • The Beltaway concealed carry pouch is a great option when you don’t want to juggle a purse or briefcase.
  • You won’t have to worry about the zipper on your wallet breaking with this carry pouch – it folds like a wallet and closes with Velcro.
  • The beltaway carry all pouch is a great way to organize the important items from a purse or bag – your identification, passport and cell phone fit inside easily.
  • There’s no worry about your wallet falling out of your pocket or purse with this item – it slips onto your belt and is secured there.

Whether you’re tired of your purse weighing you down and want to have fewer items that you are carrying around on a regular basis, or you need to bring just a few items with you when you go on an outing or to the gym for a workout, the slim design of the Beltaway carry pouch is a great option. The small size forces you to choose the items that are truly essential, but when it’s attached to your belt, you’ll barely notice it there.

Even more importantly, if you’re traveling in a new place, you won’t attract attention and the likelihood of losing your important documents if you lose your purse or bag is greatly lessened, if the Beltaway carry all pouch is attached to your belt.

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