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What Can Possibly Make Travel Easier?

Whether you travel rarely or you’re always on the go, you probably know how stressful it can be to travel by plane, especially with the security check that you’ll have to go through. There is one item that can make your trip through security checkpoints a breeze: the Beltaway travel belt pouch.

  • This pouch is lightweight and easy to remove. Just slide if off with your belt and place it in the bin at the airport security line.
  • You can pack your purse in checked baggage and keep your necessary items close by, without carrying a bulky purse or backpack.  The travel pouch is slim and lightweight and accommodates your cell phone, identification and keys easily.
  • The Beltway travel belt pouch won’t add bulk to your carry-on baggage. In fact, it’s the size of a slim wallet.
  • With the Beltaway travel waist pouch attached to your belt, you’ll feel safer as you explore new areas – it’s slim enough that it shouldn’t catch the eye of pickpockets.

At Beltaway, we understand just how much stuff it takes to travel. We want to make it easier and less stressful, and that’s why we designed the Beltaway travel pouch. It coordinates with our slim Beltaway Belts and is simple to use. Just slip it onto your belt and be sure to close the clasp. That’s it. You’re set.

Our small pouch is about the size of an old-school walkman, and can accommodate a cell phone, passport, even a small wallet. Do you really need to have a carryon plus a bulky purse as you go through the security lines in airports, or try to find space in a packed car for just one more bulky bag? We don’t think so. Contact us today to learn more about the Beltaway travel waist pouch and get yours today.