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Stay neatly tucked all day

Tuck-N-Stay image of wrinkle free tucked in shirt

Dual-sided gripping waistband

Undetectable under clothing

Super comfortable

Slim lightweight design

Easy on easy off


Gentle on fabrics

A woman wearing Tuck-N-Stay to keep this pink shirt tucked into the black skirt

Why Tuck-N-Stay


Keep your shirt neatly tucked in


Tuck-N-Stay prevents this

Man in a wrinkled dress shirt not nicely tucked into pants

Achieves this

Tuck-N-Stay image of wrinkle free tucked in shirt

Go from wrinkled

Woman in blue shirt and pants with a sloppy untucked appearance

To smooth

Woman confidently wears Tuck-N-Stay to keep her crisp pressed blue shirt tucked into her pants

Our custom designed dual grip waistband sits over your shirt to keep it neatly tucked

man showing Tuck-N-Stay over his shirt, but under his pants. It is invisible under clothing
Tuck-N-Stay for Men
Woman wearing Tuck-N-Sta under her pants but over her shirt keeping her shirt neatly tucked all day
Tuck-N-Stay for women


Diagram of Tuck-N-Stay adjustment slide

Due to the double sided gripping design of the product, please take your time when adjusting the belt.

Once adjusted, you shouldn’t need to readjust again.

Suggested wear is below the belt line.

Comfortably adjust (tighten) to prevent Tuck-N-Stay from riding up.

Go from formal with Tuck-N-Stay to casual with Beltaway


We’ve got your covered


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