The solution to a need you may not know you have…

Beltaway is an easily adjustable elastic flat belt that is flexible, comfortable and stylish. It contours to your body and keeps a low profile. Think invisible belts!

What is Beltaway?

An invisible belt

No big buckle

Flat belt, no buckle bulge – always stays hidden

Flexible, elastic stretch belt – comfortable for your lifestyle – active or fashion

Light and thin belt — its contoured design is so comfortable, you may forget you have it on

A great travel accessory — travels through airport security

Easily adjustable while wearing – one belt fits perfectly on every pair of pants and after a big meal or when your weight fluctuates, there is no need to remove to re-adjust

No more back gap – you know, the one that starts conversations.

Available in a variety of styles and colors

We have belts for women and men, whether it’s for maternity, plus size or weight watching, Beltaway easily adjusts while wearing so it is always a perfect fit. So if you are looking for comfortable belts for women or men, or just looking for invisible belts to keep you looking fashionable, Beltaway has you covered.

Beltaway is the Perfect Undercover Fashion Necessity!

Lumpy without Beltaway, smooth front with Beltaway
Beltaway prevents the back gap with pants

Available in three styles