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The invisible belt by Beltaway is the only fashion accessory of its kind that provides support without creating bulkiness. It’s flat, elastic material comfortably hugs your body to create an uninterrupted, smooth silhouette. This invisible belt look can transform your wardrobe. With an invisible belt, fitted shirts can be worn with pants that need a belt. You no longer have to worry about bulges around your waistline. No one will know you have the invisible belt on – it’s so comfortable you may even forget yourself (something we hear frequently from customers).

Our invisible belt also creates a wonderful slimming effect. Have you ever had to fold your arms in front of your waist to hide the bumps of a “pretty” belt? Have you ever had a belt completely undo your weight loss efforts by creating a bulge around your waist? Are you simply self-conscious and would appreciate the sleeker invisible belt look? These are some of the most common motivations of our invisible belt customers.

Our invisible belt will also spare you from the dreaded back gap – that revealing opening which is created whenever you bend down in non-elastic pants. You won’t have to pull or hold your pants up over and over again. If you’re losing weight, our invisible belt will let you get more life out of your wardrobe until you’ve reached your goal and are ready to go clothes shopping. Our invisible belt also helps many pregnant women or new mothers to adapt to their weight and size fluctuations.

Above all else, we created our invisible belt to help put people at ease. Life can be that much easier when you don’t need to constantly be on guard about your appearance. Your clothes should make you feel good, not worried. When we launched our invisible belt, it became clear there were a lot of people in agreement. We’re very grateful that so many customers have taken the time to what Beltaway’s invisible belt means to them. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received, specifically on the belt’s invisibility:

5 out of 5 stars review on Amazon of our invisible belt: Very comfortable, sturdy, and hides back gaps. Nearly invisible under clothes., November 19, 2013

“This is my everyday belt! I’ve tried Invisible belts and web belts, and this is far better than any I’ve tried! These belts are stretch to fit and also have a slider adjustment for perfect fit. They do an excellent job in preventing back gaping in jeans (even in heavier fabrics). The adjustment is slightly bulky but does fit through belt loops. It could show through some thinner t-shirts as the belt buckle would but no more than that. It actually does a better job hiding belt buckle (and the adjustment) than most other belts I’ve tried. If you have a thin t-shirt it may or may not show. Regular T-Shirts it’s barely to not even noticeable. These belts are super comfortable and I don’t even know I’m wearing it! I was concerned at first with the tiny tab on the buckle that fastens it but read the instructions and practice a couple times before putting it on and you’ll get the hang of it. It’s easy to fasten and the buckle and adjuster material seem to be a sturdy hard plastic. The whole belt stays in place quite well. I highly recommend this belt and will be getting a couple more of them in colors to match my wardrobe. I would say these are definitely worth the money!”

– T.Carr of Rochester, NY


4 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Happy Camper, November 12, 2013

“This is the 3rd Beltaway Belt I’ve purchased. They are undetectable under formfitting tops so certainly live up to their claims. Gave 4 stars instead of 5 because one of the belts suddenly would not close no matter what I tried so had to throw it away (after a year’s use though). Was satisfied enough with the Beltaway that I did purchase a replacement.”

– Salem, OR


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: it’s invisible underneath your top, November 8, 2013

“I like to wear longer tops and the belt buckle is always a problem. I love this belt, it’s invisible underneath. Since it’s elastic, it works especially well to fix the gap on the back when you wear jeans.”

– amyshuang


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Didn’t even know I was wearing it!, October 24, 2013

“I am thrilled with this belt. I can’t tell I’m wearing it, both because it really is invisible under clothes and because it is so comfortable. It is also really easy to adjust. it shipped quickly, as well; I am impressed both with the product and with the seller.”

– Rachel


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Absolutely Love This Item, October 4, 2013

“This item did exactly what it said it would. I would recommend it for anyone having that annoying problem of their jeans or pants slipping down at the waist. It’s lightweight and doesn’t show under your clothes. It was shipped very quickly and the packaging was unbelievably nice.”

– Marilyn


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Changed my life, September 25, 2013

“This is literally the best thing I have ever purchased. It holds up all of my pants and lays flat under even the tightest shirt. I would recommend this to anyone looking for an easily solution to a complicated problem.”

– Pen Name


4 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Great to have, September 15, 2013

“Almost invisible with skinny jeans under a top, even if it’s fairly snug. A good belt to have on hand.”

– Jane Scanlon of Hudson, MA


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: comfortable belt, September 12, 2013

“The advertisement on this belt is exact. [Comfortable] and it does not show when wearing the belt, I liked it so much I’m thinking about ordering a new one”

– bridgett d miller


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: BEST EVER, September 9, 2013 “This belt is PERFECT, I use it every day! lays flat, totally undetectable, holds my pants up. I never have to worry when I bend over that my pants are going to slip down…I LOVE IT”

– heatherg13


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Great product, September 3, 2013

“I am very happy with my purchase. Comfortable, great value and does exactly what I want it to do – disappear. I will be buying more in the future.”

– H. Scott


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Beltway Flat Buckle Elastic Women’s Belt, August 31, 2013

“Exactly what I was looking for… Flat belt to hold up pants. Easy to adjust and no show under t-shirts.”

– May of Concord, CA


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Great Customer Service !, August 26, 2013

“Excellent customer service. Would definitely recommend seller and will return to purchase more. 100% satisfied. I usually wear a size 4/6 and belt fits [snugly] and comfortable. The belt is able to adjust for any weight loss or weight gain. The belt is not fancy but serves its purpose of hiding under fitted shirts. No more bulky belts under shirts for this girl. I just want to end this note with a thank you for the excellent customer service!”

– Jacqueline P. Raceles


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Exactly what I was looking for, August 16, 2013

“This belt is amazing. I was looking for a belt that would be adjustable (so you don’t have to deal with annoying “leftover” segment), invisible under [form-fitting] tops and elastic to prevent the back of the jean from gaping and showing off your butt crack to the world (my worst nightmare).”

– J. Grenader


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: Happy customer, July 29, 2013

“This belt works so great! You can barely see it and it helps keep my pants that were a bit to big up. I was hesitant about getting this or a regular belt but if you are trying to hold your pants up this is 100x better!”

– Pen name


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our invisible belt: 1000x better than invisibelt!, July 25, 2013

“I’ve had my invisibelt for years and it’s falling apart so when I went to order a new one the [Beltaway] popped up. I unfortunately had an issue with my postal service losing it for several weeks, but I finally got it and I love it. The seller was incredibly understanding and helpful when I first reported it not received, then reported the postal service investigation, and later finally finding it. I was a little skeptical of the elastic being strong enough, but so far it has worked really great, I love that it’s more flexible than the plastic one I had previously, it’s definitely a no-show under fitted shirts and it’s easy to adjust. I will recommend these to everyone!”

– Lauren Smalarz


5 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our invisible belt: my fav, June 17, 2013

“very discrete and comfortable belt and it doesn’t hurt at all and my clothes feel good with this on. Want one in every color.”

– mommyde of Bronx, NY


4 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our invisible belt: Does what it needs to do!, May 21, 2013

“This belt fits well, seems well made, lies flat, and is pretty much invisible under a top — while doing a very fine job of keeping my pants up. What more can you ask of a belt, really? Not exactly high-fashion design, but that’s not really the point. Well worth the price and I expect it to last for a very long time.”

– Slinky J of Plainfield, NJ


5 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our invisible belt: A+ for beltaway, May 10, 2013

“Finally, a product that does exactly what it says it does! What a difference this belt made. You really don’t notice it when wearing a thin or fitted top untucked and its comfortable too. I would definitely recommend it.”

– cherrygirl


5 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our invisible belt: beltaway, May 1, 2013

“I’ve been searching for ages for a ladies belt that would look smooth under my tops. I don’t tuck them in, but do not like the bump that shows over the jean buttons. This belt is elastic; should fit most women and the front is really flat. Nobody would know I was wearing one and it gives a nice smooth look. I love it.”

– Maudie Mathys of Castorland, NY

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