St. Louis Post-Dispatch loves our flat buckle belt

St Louis Post Dispatch Loves Beltaway Belts

Thanks St. Louis!

Debra D. Bass of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch newspaper includes Beltaway in their great product review.


I’m always on the lookout for belts that lie flat because I hate wearing a shirt untucked and having this unflattering lumpy bulge near my belly button. A flat buckle allows you to cinch at the waist without adding to any figure flaws. Beltway ($19.95) at beltaway.com Made of a flexible sturdy elastic, this contours to the body and can be easily adjusted while wearing. I’ve loosened and tightened it without drawing any attention, although it really stays in place. The buckle is a clever flat interlocking B for “beltway” and the solid colors, including white, blue, black and beige, are a great complement to jeans, slacks or skirts. It’s not something I’d wear exposed, but if my shirt slips up, I wouldn’t be embarrassed. What I like most is that I always have a belt that will fit even if my pants sit above or below my belly button or my weight fluctuates.
A flat buckle that is sleek and flat under clothing. No figure flaws.