Here’s some of the BUZZ about Beltaway

Beltaway Fashion and Style Blog

 Weight Watchers recommends Beltaway

Weight Watchers community blog stated: ” The belt has an easy, adjustable, elastic waistband (perfect for those losing weight) and actually sits flat under your clothes, giving you a nice, sleek look. I’ve worn my belt almost every day since I received it two weeks ago and am truly a fan.” Read more: https://community.weightwatchers.com/Blogs/ViewPost.aspx?threadID=1912818

Mama Smith’s Review Blog Loved Beltaway!

Mama Smith says: “I have been wearing mine for about a week now and I am in love with it. It is super comfortable! I love the look and ease of it!” Read more  http://mamasmiths.com/2014/11/beltaway-review-the-stretch-belt-for-women.html

Love to Know Travel Tips is crazy about our BeltaPouch

Love to Know Travel included Beltaway and BeltaPouch as the number #1 in their Five Great Travel Accessories list.  ” One of the challenges of travel is finding a convenient way to carry necessities like money, credit cards, travel documents and identification so that they are close by and easy to reach, yet out of the way. The combination of a BeltaPouch and a Beltaway belt makes it easy to carry these documents close to you.” Read more: http://travel.lovetoknow.com/travel-tips/travel-gift-ideas