Goodbye Buckle Bulge!

Beltaway Flat Buckle Belt

A comfortable elastic belt that will disappear under your shirt

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A Comfortable Belt  For Everyone

For Women

Say goodbye to buckle bulge and back gap with a belt that does the work of keeping your pants in place. Available in a variety of colors.

For Kids

Stretchy Material and a smooth buckle for your child’s comfort. Keep their pants in place and help build confidence and independence

For Men

We offer durable Flexible flat buckle belts with no metal buckles. We also offer Tuck-n-Stay the solution to keep your shirt tucked.

Put an end Buckle Bulge Under Your SHirt

Beltaway’s flat buckle and adjustable elastic band keeps your pants in place without adding bulk to your waist

Forget You’re Wearing It

Experience the Comfortable Stretch of Beltaway’s Flat-Lying Buckle Design

Before and After Beltaway showing no Buckle Bulge

Our Customers Love Beltaway

THE ANSWER TO MY FASHION WOES!I tried to find an unbiased website to post a review with no luck. So here it goes. I have been looking for a belt like this forever! I have not put certain outfits together because it would require me to wear a belt with a bulky buckle. This belt has increased my wardrobe! Now I can wear tops/shirts/sweaters untucked with pants that need a belt, but still have a smooth, flat front. This is a quality product – the clasp works fine, the plastic piece that adjusts the size does not slip, the stretchy material is very comfortable and it does the job. I ordered just the blue one to try it out, but I will be buying the other colors too. 5+ Stars on the Belt! Thank you!

Jae Sloan

I received this product as a gift. The comfort level of the wide belt is amazing, I find that I am wearing it under my over blouses, tees and sweaters most of the time. I LOVE the pouch, it is flat, comfortable and holds my money,key,license and lipstick. When we went away for the weekend recently I placed the Beltaway in my purse, when we got to our destination I put it on for our hike. The pouch has a very practical feature, it is attached with velcro so it is easily removed from the belt without emptying it. The narrow navy belt was great with my jeans. So, THANK YOU Beltaway for a wonderful comfortable, practical product of high quality!


The Beltaway belt is definitely the answer to eliminating the bulky buckles that you can never hide under shirts and sweaters. The fit is wonderful and ever so comfortable – it is the best thing I have purchased in a long time. I doubt if I will ever wear any of my other belts now because it makes any jeans (especially) fit perfectly for the first time. I have both beige and black – can’t believe I found this by accident. I had seen another belt advertised on TV and read their reviews – which were terrible – and I somehow ended up on the Beltaway site. My lucky day – and the customer service people are the best. It pays to listen to us consumers!!


Been looking at these belts for a while but procrastinated ordering one. Recently had a birthday, and received one as a gift. Love it! It does everything it’s supposed to do. I am more comfortable in pants I thought I would have to donate.

Rose Nay

This belt is a dream to wear, reminds me of the cinch belts in the 60′s. The elastic holds the jeans snug, but no ugly buckle bump. I plan to get more colors. Don’t hesitate to order, the customer service is fantastic.

Cynthia Racobs

Wow! Great service and great product. Really happy that the belt can fit a plus size and that it is exactly as described. Customer service is amazing. Prompt email reply to my enquiry, fast shipping and beautifully packaged. Thank you so much

Becky Daily

Wow! Great service and great product. Really happy that the belt can fit a plus size and that it is exactly as described. Customer service is amazing. Prompt email reply to my enquiry, fast shipping and beautifully packaged. Thank you so much

Sharon, Australia

I have been looking for a belt for so long. My jeans constantly need pulled up or I have that gap in my back. I ordered my belt on Friday I got it on Monday it was nicely wrapped in a great presentation and since I have put it on I have forgotten I was wearing it because it is so comfortable. I have not had to even adjust my pants since I have put it on.. I will so be ordering other colors. I am beyond pleases with this product… Thank You

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A Solution to A shirt that comes untucked

Tuck-n-Stay is for people who want to look good. It is a simple solution to keep your shirt tucked in all day.

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