Waist Belts For Women: Why Beltaway is a Travel Must-Have

Beltaway perfect travel belt

Making Travel Fun Again

Travel is the spice of life, and there is nothing I love more than hopping on a plane and exploring a new corner of the globe. Unfortunately, there is nothing I hate more than going through airport security. Walking around the cold linoleum floor barefoot is bad enough, but the thing I despise most is going through the metal detectors. Even after removing all my jewelry and slipping the bobby pins out of my hair, there is always something I forget. The alarm starts blaring, and a TSA agent pulls me aside to pat me down in front of everyone. It is not a good look and more often than not my belt is the culprit.Conventional waist belts for women have been setting off airport security alarms for years. The metal buckles cause embarrassment in more ways than one – they not only draw the attention of TSA agents, but they also create a bulky, bulging waistline that draws attention for all the wrong reasons. That’s why I only travel with my Beltaway now. I just breeze right on through airport security because the elastic belts don’t have bulky metal buckles. I don’t even have to take it off!

The Travel Friendly Belt

Beltaway is the perfect waist belts for women who trot the globe because they are comfortable enough to wear on a long flight. If you need an adjustment, you don’t have to dash to the impossibly small airplane bathroom to do it – you can adjust it while you are wearing it! It’s so easy your seat partner won’t even notice.

My other travel sin is that I tend to over pack. I’m the woman who brings three pieces of luggage for a long weekend.My Beltaway helps me pack lighter though because it goes with everything! Instead of packing multiple waist belts for women to match every outfit, I just bring my black and khaki Beltaway. They are the perfect accessory for every ensemble, and their simplestyle is always in no matter what corner of the globe I am exploring!

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