Beltaway: The Perfect Weight Loss Accessory

Beltaway Invisible Buckle Belt

Let’s be real – the best part about losing weight isn’t getting healthier, it’s shopping, right? Shedding pounds, walking into your favorite store and grabbing every little black dress, sleeveless top and a pair of too-short shorts on the racks and knowing you will fit into them is an amazing feeling. Shopping is your sweet reward for so many mornings spent at the gym and nights avoiding dessert.But choosing clothes is also one of the worst parts about losing weight. It’s such a complex – nothing in your closet seems to fit anymore, which is fantastic, but you don’t want to invest in an entirely new wardrobe because you haven’t reached the magic number on the scale yet. While it may feel wonderful to know your pants are slipping because your waistline is shrinking, back gaps and sagging pants are not a good look.

Beltaway: Keeping You Looking Your Best

The solution to keeping your clothes fitting perfectly while you are losing weight is Beltaway. These adjustable belts change sizes as you do. Instead of tossing out your favorite pair of jeans because all those crunches finally worked, add a denim-colored Beltaway. A black Beltaway can save your work trousers, and a khaki-colored Beltaway is perfect for your favorite summer capris. Each time your weight drops and you lose inches in your waist, you can easily adjust the Beltaway. You can even adjust it while wearing it in case you slip and indulge in a big meal (we all know that happens from time to time).

Beltaway is also perfect for pregnant women or women who just gave birth, since their waistline tend to go through some pretty rapid size changes. They are easily adjustable belts that women can use throughout their entire pregnancy.

Completing Your New Look

Wearing a Beltaway will even make you look slimmer as you go on your weight loss journey. Unlike other elastic belts for women, the Beltaway is light, thin and ultra-slimming. Because it contours to your body, it never creates extra bulk. After all, that’s what you are battling against, right? Instead of adding a bulge with other elastic belts for women, keep your silhouette smooth and sleek while you lose weight with a Beltaway.

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