Belts for Women that Combine Comfort with Fashion

Beltaway solves back gap and belt bulge

Sometimes the best fashion belts

for women are the ones you don’t see.

Think about it – that silver braided leather belt may look fabulous in your drawer, but the second you put it on, you add a bulky layer to your waist. Instead of laying smooth against your body, your top bulges out over the belt at the waistline, a place you work hard at the gym to make as sleek as possible.  That belt doesn’t look so good now, does it?

Beltaway is designed to stay hidden underneath clothing, eliminating any unsightly protrusions and giving women that sleek silhouette. It is the only fashion belt for women that does the job of adding support without adding bulk. The comfortable stretchy elastic material stays close to your body, creating a smooth, bulge-free silhouette, which is a look that never goes out of style.

Available in black, white, denim and sand, there is a Beltaway for every outfit and every lifestyle. Wear yours with skinny jeans and a flowy patterned top for drinks with the girls, pair the black Beltaway with your favorite suit for comfort that lasts from nine to five and beyond, or wear a sand Beltaway with capris and a polo while you practice your golf swing.

Comfort, Support and Style

Beltaway proves that you do not have to sacrifice comfort and support to look good. Sure, the belts in your closet may look pretty, but how do you feel when you wear them? Are you constantly trying to adjust it for comfort? Do you stand with your arms folded in front of your waist to hide the bulge created by the “pretty” belt? If you answered “yes” to either one of those questions, then what is the point of wearing a pretty belt that makes you feel uncomfortable and barely offers any support?

If you think it is impossible to find belts for women that are both stylish and comfortable, you must not have worn a Beltaway before. The elastic belts stay comfortable all day while providing the support you need and the style you want. To learn more about the low-profile, high-style belt, check out this video!

1 thoughts on “Belts for Women that Combine Comfort with Fashion

  1. Mel says:

    I received this product as a gift. The comfort level of the wide belt is amazing, I find that I am wearing it under my over blouses, tees and sweaters most of the time. I LOVE the pouch, it is flat, comfortable and holds my money,key,license and lipstick. When we went away for the weekend recently I placed the Beltaway in my purse, when we got to our destination I put it on for our hike. The pouch has a very practical feature, it is attached with velcro so it is easily removed from the belt without emptying it. The narrow navy belt was great with my jeans. So, THANK YOU Beltaway for a wonderful comfortable, practical product of high quality!

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