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Traveling by plane can be stressful, especially when it comes to the security lines – having to remove belts, hand over purses and other personal carryon items.  But Beltaway has two products that we believe can make your travel much easier. When you’re looking for travel accessories, you might want to consider a belt that doesn’t contain metal that would set off the detectors, as well as a small pouch that can hold your must-have items.

Travel Products to Improve Your Travel Experience

  • The Beltapouch is perfect to carry travel essentials. The lightweight Beltapouch is one of Beltaway’s great travel accessories because the walkman-sized bag holds your keys, identification and your cell phone easily. If you don’t want to carry a big purse through security, this is a great option.
  • No bulky belt buckle to set off the security screening. The Beltaway flat front adjustable belt is made of elastic and has a plastic buckle that does not stand out against your body.
  • You won’t have to stop as long to gather your items with the Beltapouch and Beltaway belt. The Beltapouch is slim and slides easily onto to Beltaway elastic belt. It takes just seconds to slip on your belt, attach the pouch and buckle your belt, instead of five minutes or more to gather a bulky purse, pull on a traditional belt and find the appropriate fit for your belt.

Jacki, the daughter of a fashion designer, created Beltaway in 2002 as she looked for a virtually invisible belt that did not show in a bulky bulge. Beltaway is an elastic belt that fits any body slimly and is easily adjustable, even when you’re wearing it – this is part of the reason it’s a great travel product. Get your Beltaway and Beltapouch today and make your travel much easier.

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