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Fabric belts for women are in style right now, but finding one that provides the support you need without creating extra bulk can be tough. Beltaway is the ideal solution – these fabric belts for women are made of a stretchy elastic material that provides support without the bulk!

No Buckle Bulge!

Unlike conventional metal belt buckles, the plastic buckles on Beltaway fabric belts for women don’t create an unsightly bulge at the waist. Only you will know you are wearing one!

Easy Traveling

Because the buckles on Beltaways are made of plastic, not metal, going through airport security is easy.

A Beltaway for Every Outfit

Beltaway is available in a wide range of colors, including sand, brown, black, white, navy, and charcoal, making it easy to match one to every outfit.

Easy to Adjust While Wearing

You’ll never have to sneak off to the restroom to adjust your belt again because Beltaway is easy to adjust while wearing.

Flat Women’s Fabric Belts

Beltaway’s sleek design lays flat against your clothing, eliminating bulge around the waist and keeping your silhouette smooth and slim.

Ideal for Pregnancy and Weight Loss Journeys

The stretchy fabric of Beltaways conforms to your figure, making it perfect for pregnant women or those on weight loss journeys.

Beltaway fabric belts for women are made from a stretchy material that is so comfortable, you will probably forget you even have it on! No one else will know you are wearing a Beltaway because the belt sits so smoothly and the plastic buckle doesn’t create a giveaway bulge. One belt will fit every pair of pants you have because Beltaway is easy to adjust, but you can stock up on Beltaways in all your favorite colors. Appropriate for jeans, work slacks, skirts, dresses and more, there is a Beltaway for every outfit.

If you are looking for a comfortable fabric belt that disappears under clothing, try Beltaway today!