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A no buckle belt is the only way to avoid an ugly bump beneath a fitted shirt, with one exception: Beltaway. With elastic material and a flat, smooth buckle, Beltaway retains all of the advantages of a no buckle belt with none of the disadvantages. For now, we’ll even refer to it as a no buckle belt.

Our no buckle belt can singlehandedly multiply your wardrobe’s possibilities. Without a no buckle belt, fitted tops cannot be worn outside of pants that need a belt to stay up properly. The sleek look of a fitted top will be ruined by the belt’s protrusions, especially by the buckle. The last place anyone wants extra bulk is around the stomach. Our no buckle belt resolves this dilemma. By comfortably hugging the wearer’s body and not revealing itself with a buckle bulge, Beltaway stays undetectable and can be worn beneath anything. With our no buckle belt, outfits that would be otherwise be unflattering can now be worn with confidence.

Our no buckle belt will also allow you to stop worrying about keeping your pants up, especially when dealing with back gap. After all, that’s a belt’s job! The elastic material of our no buckle belt will seamlessly adjust to your contours in any situation. Also, if you’re working to lose weight, our no buckle belt will let you keep wearing your current pants fitting until you’ve reached your ideal weight and are ready to invest in a new wardrobe. Our no buckle belt also gives pregnant women or women who just gave birth the ability to easily adapt to the impact their size changes will have on their clothes.

Most importantly, our no buckle belt is there to make people feel good about themselves. Nothing is important to us than giving someone the ability to feel comfortable in their own skin. You should feel good in your clothes, not paranoid about back gap or undesirable bumps. A community has developed around Beltaway that shares this feeling. We’re blessed to get to make a living off of something that helps people and to have the chance to learn from our customers about what our no buckle belt has done for them. Here’s some of the feedback people have shared, specifically on the advantages someone would be looking for in a no buckle belt:


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our no buckle belt: it’s invisible underneath your top, November 8, 2013

“I like to wear longer tops and the belt buckle is always a problem. I love this belt, it’s invisible underneath. Since it’s elastic, it works especially well to fix the gap on the back when you wear jeans.”

– amyshuang


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our no buckle belt: Sooo Comfortable!!!!!!, October 7, 2013

“The Beltaway belt is so much more comfortable than traditional belts. It moves with me and does a fantastic job of keeping my pants up ;o) Those old belts were not very comfortable either. The buckle always seemed to poke me in the stomach whenever I sat down. With Beltaway, it’s not really a buckle in the traditional sense. It doesn’t pinch or anything. I love this belt! I bought it a few months ago and wear it every day. It’s so comfortable that I forget I have a belt on. The Beltaway belt is made of quality materials that seem to do what they’re supposed to. :o) I highly recommend buying this belt! It’s Fabulous!”

– Adaptive Ink of Pasadena, MD


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our no buckle belt: Beltway Flat Buckle Elastic Women’s Belt, August 31, 2013

“Exactly what I was looking for… Flat belt to hold up pants. Easy to adjust and no show under t-shirts.”

– May of Concord, CA


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our no buckle belt: Perfect!, August 1, 2013

“This belt really is exactly as described! It completely eliminates the buckle bulge, but really is comfortable enough to forget you’re wearing it. The perfect fix for all my pants that gape at the waist, I’m buying in more colors!”



5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our no buckle belt: It is working well so far, July 14, 2013

“I bought this belt because my regular belt was rubbing holes in all of my shirts whenever I would lean up against the kitchen counters to do dishes and cook. This belt helps with that(as does wearing an apron). I also like the look of not having a giant belt buckle under my shirts. The only thing I don’t like is that when I undo it to use the restroom, it tends to fall out of the belt loops(just the first ones) because it is elastic. I can live with that, though.”

– Katie J Coverstone


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our no buckle belt: Just what I wanted, July 13, 2013

“I have recently lost weight around my waist, consequently things are too big, this belt can be worn under shirts and it does not show as bulges and buckles, Thank you”

– M. Albert “ironing fanatic” of Sunset Beach, NC


4 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our no buckle belt: Great Belt, July 3, 2013

“Sometimes it’s a little hard to snap together, but works very well. I like that I can have a belt on without the bulge from a buckle.”

– stacey tatum


5 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our no buckle belt: Great Belt!, June 16, 2013

“This is just what I was looking for. I always have to wear a belt and I love to wear tight shirts. If you got them flaunt them! I was really tired of the belt bump in the front. It’s easy to adjust while it is on and fits in the hoops well. Unlike the other brands it doesn’t smell like plastic.”

– Itchy


5 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our no buckle belt: Work Great!, May 26, 2013

“So far, so good. The belt is heavy duty elastic, does what it says and so far has not broken. I have a couple pair of low rise pants made of knit with a jean cut. They stretch out of shape and slide down my hips rather quickly and this belt does the trick of holding them securely and comfortably in place plus it hide the “belly bump” from the button on the low rise waist.”

– Maggie “Maggie” of Reston, VA


5 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our no buckle belt: I love it., May 16, 2013

“I love the belt. My problem is solved. No [more] gaps and bulges. Would buy another one in a different color.”

– patrick l mckenna


5 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our no buckle belt: Great belt, May 6, 2013

“Very comfortable. No bulge from a buckle. Waistline of my pants is always too big. This belt pulls in excess and pants look and feel better.”

– Samantha of Marion, OH


5 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our no buckle belt: Fantastic!, April 18, 2013

“Beltaway, in my experience, is the only solution on the market that provides no more bulky buckle showing through or under a shirt. It’s comfortable design and easy to size options enable all wearers the most effective method for keeping pants on and snug. It really takes care of that back gap problem too!”

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