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  1. Michelle, Canada says:

    I just received my Beltaways in the mail. They certainly do the job and with such style. I particularly love the flat clasp which is non apparent under longer shirt types that are meant to be worn outside of jeans and slacks. I have several delicate and flowing type fabric tops that I have not been able to wear with regular buckle type belts as they often catch and damage the fabric. Your Beltaways are the answer to this annoying problem. The clasps are so flat and smooth that there is no snagging or bulging of any kind and the open and close mechanism on them is so easy, yet very secure. Wonderful! Also, the adjustability of these belts is so important for those of us that have weight fluctuations. The price point of the Beltaways is more than fair considering all of the aforementioned benefits it has. It seems that you have thought of it all when it comes to the perfect belt. I will definitely be recommending your Beltaways to my family, friends and acquaintances. For sure, I will be purchasing Beltaways for future gifts.

  2. Daniel says:

    Wore my Beltaway right through the airport–alleviated one hassle of traveling-having to get undressed at security!

  3. Karen says:

    Your belts are very, very comfortable to wear. Yesterday, I never even felt as though I had a belt on because it was so super comfortable, and the good news…I wasn’t constantly pulling my jeans up. Woohoo!

    I can’t wait to get one in every color.

  4. Susan says:

    The Beltaway belt is definitely the answer to eliminating the bulky buckles that you can never hide under shirts and sweaters. The fit is wonderful and ever so comfortable – it is the best thing I have purchased in a long time. I doubt if I will ever wear any of my other belts now because it makes any jeans (especially) fit perfectly for the first time. I have both beige and black – can’t believe I found this by accident. I had seen another belt advertised on TV and read their reviews – which were terrible – and I somehow ended up on the Beltaway site. My lucky day – and the customer service people are the best. It pays to listen to us consumers!!

  5. Fran says:

    I purchased my first Beltaway in November, 2012. I had some difficulty with closing the clasp, so I contacted the co. To my surprise, the customer service was extraordinary and my belt was exchanged no questions asked. I am really enjoying the replacement and rarely wear any other belt! Glad you got the kinks out!!! Going to order the other colors.

  6. SR says:

    Hi from South Australia!! Got my Beltaway yesterday and was so impressed with how well it is presented. The packaging for the long trip here was excellent!! I’ve needed a belt like this since years ago!!!! Now to enjoy this winter we are coming in to- I wear jeans/pants exclusively when the weather is cold.Thanks for such an excellent idea.

  7. Ericawalsh 30 says:

    I have been looking for a belt fo so long. My jeans constantly need pulled up or I have that gap in my back. I ordered my belt on Friday I got it on Monday it was nicely wrapped in a great presentation and since I have put it on I have forgotten I was wearing it because it is so comfortable. I have not had to even adjust my pants since I have put it on.. I will so be ordering other colors. I am beyond pleases with this product… Thank You

  8. Jae Sloan says:

    THE ANSWER TO MY FASHION WOES! I tried to find an unbiased website to post a reivew with no luck. So here it goes. I have been looking for a belt like this forever! I have not put certain outfits together because it would require me to wear a belt with a bulky buckle. This belt has increased my wardrobe! Now I can wear tops/shirts/sweaters untucked with pants that need a belt, but still have a smooth, flat front. This is a quality product – the clasp works fine, the plastic piece that adjusts the size does not slip, the stretchy material is very comfortalbe and it does the job. I ordered just the blue one to try it out, but I will be buying the other colors too. 5+ Stars on the Belt! tHANK yOU!

  9. Cynthia Racobs says:

    This belt is a dream to wear, reminds me of the cinch belts in the 60′s. The elastic holds the jeans snug, but no ugly buckle bump. I plan to get more colors. Don’t hesitate to order, the customer service is fantastic.

  10. Sharon, Australia says:

    Wow! Great service and great product. Really happy that the belt can fit a plus size and that it is exactly as described. Customer service is amazing. Prompt email reply to my enquiry, fast shipping and beautifully packaged. Thank you so much

  11. Val Hirsch says:

    I’m never without my beltaway. I have a few of them and keep them on my favorite jeans at all times. It’s so sleek and it flattens my stomach out. No bulge. My husband likes it too. Try it. It makes a big difference!

  12. Becky Daily says:

    This belt is just fabulous. Worth $20 for sure! I previously owned another brand of smoothing belt; this one is MUCH better! So easy to adjust WHILE WEARING. Stays put all day, and no more need to continuously hike up the jeans or slacks. Fits so smooth. I purchased the navy for jeans. I’m definitely going to get the other colors.

  13. Claudia Ezra says:

    Beltaway is the Best Belt Ever! I am between jean sizes so Beltaway solves that problem and saves me a trip to the tailor. No more tugging to pull up my jeans – no more jeans slipping down when I sit down. It is virtually invisible under sweaters and even tissue thin t-shirts. Every closet should have at least one Beltaway at the ready! I really love this product!

  14. Audrey says:

    A wonderful accessory. Keeps my jeans close to my body with no fuss. No more tugging and adjusting. Suddenly my jeans really fit!!! The belt keeps my jeans neat looking, flat and sleek. NO MORE PLUMBER BUTT!!!

  15. Harris says:

    Beltaway is great. It’s an extremely comfortable alternative to traditional belts especially when it is comes to outdoor activities (Golf, Hiking, Fishing, etc.). I understand why the ladies on this site are raving about it as a fashion accessory, but I couldn’t recommend the product more solely for its quality, comfort and utility.

    Everyone should own several Beltaways.

  16. Rose Nay says:

    Been looking at these belts for a while but procrastinated ordering one. Recently had a birthday, and received one as a gift. Love it! It does everything it’s supposed to do. I am more comfortable in pants I thought I would have to donate.

  17. Donald Miles says:

    I have now purchased three of your belts. I am very happy with the fit and comfort. They certainly cause no problems at airports. Can you please advise when the men will have a brown belt like the ladies.

  18. Beltaway says:

    Thanks for your comments! No problem with the brown. Just order the woman’s and make a notation in the special notes and we will be happy to fill the order. Just to let you know, we also have gray for men.

  19. Sherri says:

    I purchased one of the 1-1/2 inch belts for a trip to Europe. It was easy to pack and totally exceeded my expectations: lightweight, comfortable, easy to adjust, the adjustment clasp did not slip, kept the waist snug on some annoying pants. The only thing that would be better would be more size ranges in the 0-14 size so the doubled length of belt did not stretch so far around my waist.

  20. Beltaway says:

    Thank you for your comments. The reason the belt is made long is that many of our customers have told us that they prefer the slide adjustment to be in the back of the pant. We hope this answers that issue.

  21. Michelle says:

    i love your product and only wish I could get hold of them more easily in the UK. I have two and hope they last me a long time. There is nothing like it over here in England!

  22. FunKyChick says:

    I have 2 Beltaways – the original and the narrow. I love them both. Before Beltaway I was always tugging at my jeans to keep them up. I tried leather belts but they were heavy and didn’t help. I tried fabric belts and liked them okay, but I really wanted something that would move with me. I found Beltaway online. I love Beltaway!

  23. Sam B says:

    I now have 6 Beltaways and love each of them. They work perfectly for me. And their customer service is great. Ive tried the plastic belts that say they do the same but are so uncomfortable. This is the perfect design. GREAT JOB and Good Company!

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