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The travel belt by Beltaway can spare you from the inconvenience and delay of extra attention from airport security personnel. Our buckle will not set off the metal detector, making it less likely that you will be pulled aside for a pat down in front of everyone. If you’re still pulled aside, at least you’ll be able to keep your travel belt on and not worry about your pants staying up when the TSA agents ask you to raise your arms.

Relying on your travel belt to help you quickly pass through security and make your flight on time is only the beginning. Thanks to it’s elastic material, Beltaway is so comfortable that wearers often forget they are wearing it (we hear this from customers frequently). And if you need to adjust your travel belt, you can do it while wearing it right in your seat. Our Beltaway travel belt can also help you pack much lighter. Instead of bringing multiple belts along to match every outfit, you can bring your black and sand Beltaway. Thanks to their elasticity and invisibility beneath fitted tops, they are much more versatile than other belts.

Beltaway is much more than just a travel belt, however. It can add greater depth to your wardrobe without buying a single new outfit. Normally fitted shirts cannot be worn untucked with pants that require a belt. The slimming effect will be ruined by bulges around your waistline, the worst place possible. Our travel belt neatly solves this problem. By being completely smooth all the way around and using a flat buckle, Beltaway remains invisible underneath any top. This travel belt will put all-new top-bottom combinations at your disposal.

Our travel belt will also save you from having to constantly hike up your pants or unbecoming back gap. It will always remain form-fitting, even when you bend down. If you’re losing weight, our travel belt will allow you to continue to wear your usual clothes until you’ve hit your goal and are ready to invest in a new wardrobe. Pregnant women or women who just gave birth can use our travel belt to adapt to their rapid size changes.

Most importantly, our travel belt (also known as an elastic belt or flat buckle belt) is designed to put people at ease in their own clothes. Your clothes are meant to help you feel comfortable and confident, not self-conscious. As pleased as we are that our travel belt helps people travel with greater ease, we’re most proud of how Beltaway has made people feel better about themselves. We’re so grateful that we have the chance to help others and hear back from our customers about what our travel belt has done for them. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve received:


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our travel belt: An airport specialty item, August 26, 2013

“I can now go through airport security without my pants falling off since this belt doesn’t set off the scanner !!!!!”

– Deb


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our travel belt: Don’t buy that other belt, July 16, 2013

“If you are debating between this belt and the other one that is invisible, this is the one you want.

The clear one warps and the buckle doesn’t last long. So far this belt is amazing!”

– CRISTY9584


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our travel belt: It works!, July 1, 2013

“this belt does all it says it will and stays comfortable at the same time. I like it so much better than the clear plastic one!”

-Joanne McCollum


5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our travel belt: Comfortable Belt, June 11, 2013

“This belt turned out to be more comfortable than I thought it would be – with other belts they bunch up and fold in the back and the buckles stick out in the front, sometimes leaving an impression on shirts or layering tanks at the end of the day. The buckle on this belt is thin and flat, so nothing is too obvious – and even though the design is thin and flat, it holds up well throughout the day. The elastic doesn’t bunch up or fold over either, so I don’t have to readjust my belt as often. I like knowing that there are no metal parts on the belt too, so I can easily keep this on when going through airport security.

 I mostly wear denim, but if I wore lighter pants, I’m sure I’d consider buying the beltaway in other colors because it works so well!”

– Diana C

5 of 5 stars review on Amazon for our travel belt: Yep, it works!, June 6, 2013

“This is exactly what I needed to make my pants and jeans fit properly and look smooth under a shirt. More comfortable that a regular belt too.”



5 of 5 stars reviews on Amazon for our elastic belts: Beltaway Flat Buckle Elastic Women’s Belt, May 8, 2013

“I ordered this belt (from Beltaway) in Navy to wear with my jeans (I ordered in March and are now too big). This is a Beautiful, Very Easily Adjustable (for weight fluctuation), Extremely Comfortable (I forget I’m wearing it) Stretch Belt. I can tuck my shirts in, to show it off or I can leave my shirt or sweater untucked and there is No Evidence that I’m wearing a belt! I LOVE this Belt, it’s the Best Invention in fashion, Ever!!! I am 5’5″ tall and bounce between 140 -145 pounds. I ordered size 0-14, it fits perfectly!!! I’m going to order more in other colors from Beltaway. They provided extremely FAST Service, I placed my order on May 3rd and was wearing the Belt on the 6th!! Thank you Beltaway and Amazon!! I am an Extremely Happy Camper!!!!”

– Cindy Richardson of Castle Rock, CO

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